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About Airads Worldwide Aerial Advertising - Why Use Us?

Before deciding on an aerial advertising provider there are a few critical things to remember about this unique and exciting medium.

Aerial advertising is the only mainstream, mass marketing tool that can be executed in most cases by common aviation enthusiasts and hobbyist. You do not buy tv, radio, newsprint, outdoor or any other form of advertising from part-time or hobbyist entities. Why would you choose to do that with a medium that in every case involves multiple lives in the form of flight and ground crews not to mention the thousands upon thousands of lives that make up your intended audience. An audience that is just below the equipment with your name emblazoned on it, flying over cities, stadiums, arenas, and highways packed with people.

It's a serious medium that requires educated decisions throughout the entire process. Your insurance carrier will no doubt agree. Experience is paramount!

We offer over 120 years of combined fixed-wing, rotor craft and lighter-than-air specific aerial advertising experience and knowledge throughout the world covering all aspects from creative, innovation, research and development, marketing, production, media buying, flight and ground operations.

We are fully committed to providing straightforward, honest evaluations of your desired creative concepts involving all forms of aerial advertising for short or long term projects worldwide. We are also available to assist you, in any way on existing aerial advertising execution you may be currently buying globally.

When you choose Airads Worldwide, both of us remain completely confident that your project is being executed by men and women throughout the world that are committed to representing the brand in a safe, professional and proud manner. We demand military style discipline and precision within all aspects of our operation from flight and ground support training, aircraft and equipment maintenance, scheduling and all other logistical aspects each project demands. We maintain consistency through constant evaluation criteria's via on-site, hands-on representation during most projects.

Airads will provide your project its own highly qualified team to oversee the entire process from conception to completion and beyond. We deliver far beyond GPS Tracking which is hit and miss at best when dealing with any mobile media vehicle that cannot provide proof of actual copy attached. We are in the offices, we are at the airports, in the fields, in the cockpits, in the traffic, at the events and at the beaches. Documentation via digital photo and video media along with crowd surveys and measurement are included in most cases and are incorporated into each daily follow-up delivered via a multitude of on-line and mobile means you can choose from.

We have unparalleled experience, knowledge, and passion for aerial advertising and have so for many years. Safety, Quality, Client Desires, Audience and Target Respect, in this order are the key ingredients we incorporate in reassuring the brands image when delivered via the sky to the masses below.

We would be honored to have the opportunity to serve your brand and will do it properly!

If you are planning an advertising campaign or want to learn the most effective ways to incorporate aerial into the mix, please contact us. Aerial advertising while super effective, must be executed with the utmost respect towards the liability that is attached to each second of media placement.

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