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About Airads Worldwide Aerial Advertising - Mission Statement

Airads Worldwide is committed to contributing to extending the growth of the World's First Mass Advertising Medium and to fortify its validity within the current trends of today's global advertising industry and its audiences. We do this by fulfilling the overall needs of the agent, vendor and end-line client.

We achieve our clients goals simply by being the most committed aerial advertising provider throughout the world today.

Most committed to;

quality and maintenance of the aircraft and equipment.
the buyer.
presentation, delivery and audience reception.
added media value.
the industry.
creating jobs.
issues such as volume versus qualified pilot and crew availability.
overall expansion of the medium, globally.

Our companies CCO and director of operations was born in Oakland, California USA in 1965, home of the Oakland Raiders NFL Football franchise. Attending nearly every home game since he was five, working part time with the team between the ages of thirteen and thirty-seven, and residing in a home owned by famed Raiders head coach John Madden for over ten years, he has been "programmed" quite well by the much respected teachings of Mr. Al Davis and coach Madden as to what "Commitment to Excellence" truly means and the importance of its implementation into all aspects of whatever you choose to do.

Our clients and audiences can rest assure that when Airads Worldwide is involved,
"Commitment to Excellence" is our mission.

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