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Why Invest in Aerial Advertising? - Cost Effectiveness

Aerial advertising performs quite well when compared to other choices.

However, you must realize that when you do compare aerial to others, an apples to oranges comparison is at best a fair statement. Let us explain and show you some examples so we can give aerial its fair shot when being compared.

There's no debating the facts of aerial advertisings cost effectiveness when you consider one important aspect of your evaluation. Aerial is the only mass advertising medium that is still obtainable and bought daily by the general public. That is correct, the only medium your intended audience can actually by themselves affordably for personal applications. This includes you. Personal aerial banner messages are the reason banner towing is still here today and is now a viable consideration for major corporations and their advertising agencies as well.

When is the last time you heard a marriage proposal or birthday greeting on the radio? How about seeing one in the newspaper? On-line, static or digital billboard, transit, taxi top? Anything... Anyone... Why do you think this is? It's not just the incredible mobile, targeting ability, it's also because it's affordable.

How affordable is it? In most cases, it's rarely below CPM USD $5. Regardless of what the "mom and pop" aviation operators claim, pennies per thousand is simply not the case. Just one quick example shows what the average CPM is for the banner towing type of aerial advertising. The local operator claiming pennies per thousand is charging on average $650 to $750 USD to construct and fly a small personal type aerial banner and fly it over a major event with forty thousand people in attendance. The banner will be overhead the event for fifteen to twenty minutes. Actual people that will have a chance to see the banner in the stadium is thirty thousand due to overhangs and non-seated bodies. You will however be reaching eyes to and from the location, and even though these additional eyes are not part of the intended target, they can help to fortify the original audience number, compensating for the lost eyes at the event itself. So, by using the event number of forty thousand or forty, you've just bought lower-end aerial advertising at a CPM of $16.25 to $18.75 USD.

Now, let's take a look at skywriting which can deliver some lower CPM's with the same benefits that all aerial has to offer. If you were to take New York City for example and its daily metro available audience of seven million or seven thousand total. You can put a message or logo above this target for less than $5 USD in most cases. Skywriting CPM's average between $4 and $20, once again depending on location, target audience size and availability.

Blimps are another story with their abilities to broadcast and generate large amounts of extended media as well as corporate entertainment. On average, a full size blimp will deliver between twenty-five and forty million total monthly impressions. Average blimp CPM numbers range from $7 to $18 depending on how many events can be utilized for broadcast, how much additional media is generated and availability.

So, if you consider the entire platform of aerial advertising and all of its benefits, CPM should on average rate between $2 and $20 depending on the intended medium, and actual target.

The more people you decide to have see the campaign will ultimately determined how cost effective the medium will be.

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