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Why Invest in Aerial Advertising? - Proven Success

Aerial has long had a remarkable reputation for delivering successful, high return on investment advertising campaigns. It's been doing so for some ninety plus years now and continues to gain recognition as a viable advertising medium.

The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company from Akron, Ohio USA is undoubtedly the single biggest beneficiary of its success with their blimps fulfilling the role of worldwide iconic symbols, delivering goodwill as company ambassadors since 1925. A huge part if not all of aerial advertising's existence to this day can be credited to theses blimps and their crews that have kept them flying for so long. Aerial advertising operators, agents, advertisers and the personal message senders of this medium alike should be extremely grateful for all that Goodyear has done and continues to do to this day.

Following in the steps of the ultimate pioneers of aerial advertising, you have companies like Metropolitan Life Insurance that has flown their own blimps since 1991 and are quite often seen broadcasting major golf and other sporting events. Pepsi throughout time has also been a major buyer of aerial advertising utilizing all forms of the medium. PepsiCo can be credited with being the first major brand to effectively execute campaigns across the entire platform of the medium. Two fully dedicated skywriting aircraft working both coasts were a mainstay for the beverage maker for over thirty years. One of the original aircraft is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Aviation Museum in Ohio, USA. PepsiCo has also throughout the years launched major new brands and fortified existing ones utilizing full-size and remotely piloted blimps, aerial banners and billboards as well as nightsigns and hot-air balloons. Pepsi even went to the extreme back in 1985 when they were the first and only company to fully paint a Air France Concorde SST Supersonic passenger jet for the release of its flagship brand makeover launch as well as space station promotions and rocket launches. PepsiCo is one company that fully understands aerials overall retention and brand building power!

Other major brands that absolutely love aerial advertising and have for over twenty years are Fuji Film Corporation with their blimps and hot-air balloons in both the United States and Europe as well as aerial billboards that were recently added to the mix. General Motors as well as Ford Motor Company are yet two others that buy across the entire platform. Blimps, banners, billboards, nightsigns, hot-air balloons and skywriting are called on for both short and log term contracts by these iconic brands.

Another example of aerial advertising success over many years include the thousands upon thousands of small businesses that fly banners and billboards as well as nightsigns and searchlights to drive POP traffic and local branding throughout the World. Aerial banners towed by aircraft have been part of the American landscape since the late 1940's enabling personal and commercial clients alike the opportunity to reach a large amount of people quickly and in an eye catching way.

There are many examples in which aerial advertising has proven its ability for success. From packed beaches to drivetime traffic, events and overall mass metro coverage, aerial is a solid choice for any advertiser, with any size budget.

We challenge you to dedicate a percent or two of your next advertising budget to aerial and we promise you'll want to double it the next time!

It's a challenge that all forms of aerial advertising welcome and are definitely up to.

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