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Why Invest in Aerial Advertising? - Added Media Value

Aerial advertising has some unique characteristics that allow it to generate an exceptional amount of added or extended media value in some cases. Aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art HD cameras and downlinks can deliver millions of on-air impressions to a target demographic via broadcasting of major events, just one example of how aerial advertising can deliver far beyond the audience on the ground. Think of how many times you've seen a blimp on television. That same concept exists across most of our aircraft platform, making this concept now available to a wider budget range.

Local and/or national news media most always will cover a non-traditional or uniquely creative campaign in one way or the other. In addition, we can arrange special media days for rides and other activities to get them more involved. We have the best public relations team specifically dedicated to adding value to your aerial campaign assuring beyond expectation results whenever applicable.

The idea is to utilize the aerial medium to its utmost potential. Whether through creative or actual aircraft attached, the ability to generate additional buzz always exists when there are choices available. Choice to use a generic, small airplane or rarely seen helicopter or blimp versus nightsigns and skywriting. Multiple aircraft formations and stunting are also options that we have available.

You can choose to execute your campaign inside or outside the box. The more outside your choice, the more of a chance you have at achieving added media value.

On average, a full size blimp should generate in excess of over two hundred million US dollars in added media throughout the course of a twelve month commitment where the blimp travels to many cities and broadcasts multiple events. We can help by sharing unique and in some cases never attempted concepts that incorporate one or all forms of aerial advertising globally. World records and other gimmicks are also always available.

Another benefit that aerial has to offer is its ability to adopt marketing and co-op partners to share costs or, in some cases cover all costs and beyond. There are examples in which the primary advertiser has utilized co-op programs so effectively, their entire campaign cost is offset or the buy is turned into an investment vehicle. Every form of aerial advertising has the ability to achieve this!

Because of its high profile, all forms of aerial must be performed and executed by the most experienced teams of flight and ground crews with over maintained equipment. Errors are in most cases seen by many on-site and are assured to attract local and/or national news or beyond. This type of added media is not considered value.

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