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Why Invest in Aerial Advertising ? - Retention Value

When it's harder to think of how old you were versus a brand from way back, you really know you got some retention going on with this medium.

Retention is the key to any creative and execution of a successful advertising or public awareness campaign. Have you ever wondered what available medium provides the most retention? One of them has to be at the top of the totem pole. How could you realistically figure it out? Keep in mind that ROI can only enter the equation after the retention is achieved.

Common theory suggests that the average consumer across the board is subject to some 1,600 messages daily, between the time they rise and the time they lay there head back down on the pillow. The pillow is the key. By the time the head reaches the pillow, there will be a total of 8 retention slots available for the consumer to choose which 4 will reach the ultimate end-line, consumer retention destination, the subconscious. Just 4 slots daily. Sort of an extended podium of daily retention. With 1,600 participants vying for a podium finish each day, and that pesky green lizard always up front, it can be a serious task to make that podium. The world's most talented creatives try everything possible to achieve this so called, "podium finish" each day and their respective conglomerates spend close to a trillion dollars annually attempting to do so.

Throughout the years there have been many theories as to why aerial advertising is retained at a much higher rate than most, if not all other options. Once again the pillow is the key. When the consumer, or all of us for that matter enter the subconscious or sleep mode with the 4 messages, we do so because we trusted those messages more so than all the others. So, trusting the message has to be a huge part of the equation. Now, if you could just find one thing that every or at least most consumers trust without question, you would be in good position to hopefully make that daily podium. Imagine you find something they all trust and there just so happens to be ad-space availability tied to it. That would be the place to display your creative because it would give you a huge advantage on trust and overall retention right out of the gate.

What is the one thing that remains consistent throughout the world's consumers? Believe it or not there is one thing that is a serious desire shared by most worldwide. It's pretty obvious once you really think about it.

When we pass, and most will, we want to go up! It's just that simple. Disney Pixar Up Zeppelin ImageWhatever you may conceive "up" to be, you definitely know that down is not the desired destination. So, "up" is seriously trusted by everyone. It's also home to all forms of aerial advertising. Why do you think you see it utilized across all other media forms in so many ways other than actually executing it in the sky. Some examples include any print that is written with the clouds as a backdrop. Have a closer look at your Sunday newspaper ad inserts or direct mail offers. Magazine print ads, television spots and other outdoor all heavily display forms of aerial creative. Whether it's animated or analog, creatives constantly implement the idea that "up" is a trusted place to be.

What a better place to be as the consumer slips into dream mode and ultimately the subconscious state that is your end-line, desired destination.

Aerial advertising has a huge advantage over all others when it comes to retention. Not always, it's got to be executed properly and with a lot of thought. One thing no one has time for or disserves is a nightmare.

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