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Why Invest in Aerial Advertising? - Ability to Reach

When it comes to reach, aerial advertising is in a class of its own.

It is sought after when the desire is to quickly reach an extended audience with captivating delivery in an uncluttered environment. Compared to other choices such as television, radio, newsprint, outdoor or on-line, aerial simply cannot be touched with regards to total reach ability. Here are a few examples to think about when we talk about aerials reach.

A major telecom company expands its high speed internet service in 2009 to cover a remote county, two hours north of Toronto, Ontario Canada. The total population of the target area was just under 85,000. The company bought five posters, two bulletins, some radio and newsprint to assure that they would reach at least sixty percent of the targets population. Following the first two weeks of the traditional campaign and nominal results, they turned to aerial to quickly generate buzz and to compliment their existing traditional placement. The company commissioned a 12,000 sq. ft. aerial Skytaculair flown by helicopter with the same outdoor copy. The total flight campaign consisted of eight days of exposure over four consecutive weekends and outperformed anticipated results. Keep in mind that we are talking about an area that had never seen any form of aerial advertising before, it literally had consumers rushing out of their homes to see what it was. Local news media covers the unique and interesting methods it takes to get the campaign airborne and its affects on the public and now we are talkin' some serious reach ability.

Ability to reach a smaller, remote target quickly. Ability to draw out its own audience. Ability to draw out tv, newsprint and other media to extend, free of charge and the ability to do all of these things at a reasonable CPM of just under $30.

Another example to think about would be the launch of a one store ice cream franchise in Portland, Oregon USA. The client had all the traditional choices of media to choose on launch day. They had bought some pre teaser news print and spot radio but wanted something that could give them the most eyes-on in Portland on the day of the grand opening. The company commissioned a single skywriter to achieve its goals. The brand was written at 14,000 ft. above four points of the greater Portland DMA, captivating the entire city throughout the day. Once again, local news stories were generated and the brand and POP won in a big way.

Skywriting, while very temperamental is literally the undisputed king of advertising reach. Everyone within a nineteen to seventy-six mile radius (depending on actual character size) will not only be part of the audience, but they will actually stop and wait in anticipation to see what the message is going to be. If you want to out-do skywriting, you would have to place ads in low-level orbit. (stay tuned)

Aerial Advertising can reach entire segments of: Beaches, DriveTime Traffic, Events, Metros and Educational Institutions.

With its extended targeting ability, aerial can effectively reach any or all life-stage groups each day the campaign is airborne. Teens, college students, recent graduates, single no kids, new nesters, established families, married couples with no children and empty nesters are at your fingertips anywhere throughout the world.

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